The Gila River Police Department is one of the fastest growing tribal law enforcement agencies in the country. While patrol duties are one of our most important functions, we have several specialty units and other opportunities for officers to expand their training and experience in law enforcement. Community oriented policing is paramount to our success and is highly encouraged in all positions and ranks at our agency. 


All of our officers are AZPOST certified to enforce state law and sworn through the Gila River Community Court to enforce tribal law. Many of our officers are also certified to enforce certain federal laws on the community. We cover over 600 square miles ranging from desert to housing to industrial areas. Our population includes not only community members who live and work on the community, but also a large number of visitors to our shopping, gaming enterprises, and businesses. 


The Gila River Police Department is actively seeking candidates for Public Safety positions. Please click on the link to see open positions and test date information.



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